It's warm, it's cold, it's warm, it's cold...
It must be spring in central Kentucky!
and that means it's time for the annual
Down to Earth Garden Club Plant
The 2017 DTEGC Plant Sale will be held on
Saturday, May 13, at Woodland Christian
Church (at Woodland and Kentucky Avenue)
in Lexington.
he sale will start at 9 a.m. and
continue through noon.
Plant Sale
~ Annual Fundraiser ~
You will find a lot of native plants at
our plant sale. Native plants require
little fertilizer and are more
resistant to pests and pathogens than
cultivars, so their use can reduce the
amount of chemicals introduced
into our environment. Many native
plants also establish quickly, are
vigorous growers, and require less
water. They provide food sources for
birds and many beneficial
pollinators displaced from
disappearing Kentucky habitats.

Every May, the Down to Earth Garden
Club holds its annual plant sale
fundraiser. The plants we offer are
transplanted from our own gardens,
so we can offer advice on their
growth habits and landscape uses.
The money we raise is used for our
civic project at the Waveland
perennial garden. Additionally, we
give back to the Bluegrass
community by making donations to
local garden and conservation
(click here to see our Grantees list).
Please be aware that we may have
limited quantities of some of our
palnts, but we will be happy to
recommend alternatives.